Liquidity Lock Monitor

This parser will help you notice when a developer locks project liquidity. This will provide confidence that he won't remove it in a matter of minutes. Additionally, this parser will help identify projects where a significant amount of liquidity is locked, indicating the developer's serious intentions for the project.

The message about locked liquidity includes:

  1. End date of Lock

  2. Contract Name

  3. Contract Address and Link

  4. Twitter Search Link by Name and Ticker

  5. List of Possible Telegram Channels (Based on name permutations)

  6. List of Possible Twitter Accounts (Based on name permutations)

  7. Information about the Deployer (From mainnet):

  • Deployer balance

  • Number of his Transactions

  • His pervious contracts

  • Number of Transactions on those Contracts

  • Number of Buys and Sells on those Contracts

  • Contract Market Cap

  • Number of Holders

  • Contract Creation Date

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